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Daphnee Gaspard

Daphnee Gaspard, a distinguished professional with over 15 years of experience in the environmental services industry, leads 3D's Spotless Cleaning Services with expertise in sales, customer support, and business development. Skilled in Sales, Contact Centers, Customer Support, Database Administration, and Phone Etiquette, Daphnee holds an Associate's degree in Interior Design from Penn Foster.

Founded in September 2018, 3D's Spotless Cleaning Services brings over 15 years of expertise in residential and commercial cleaning to our valued clients. Inspired by personal experiences as a mother, Daphnee established the company with a mission to provide exceptional cleaning services and support to families in need. As a mother of a child with sickle cell disease, she understands the challenges faced by parents dealing with medical conditions, driving her to create a business that not only delivers top-notch cleaning services but also serves as a helping hand to other parents and families in similar situations.

At 3D's Spotless Cleaning Services, we offer a range of services, including residential cleaning, commercial cleaning for offices, and post-construction cleaning. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering high-quality service and ensuring the satisfaction of all our clients. Our primary goal is to provide a clean and comfortable environment for our clients while offering support and assistance to those who may need it. We take pride in our work and strive to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients through our dedication to exceptional service.

Under Daphnee's leadership, our commitment to excellence has been recognized through various accolades. We are proud recipients of the "Best Cleaning Service Award" from Angi List and have been featured in reputable publications such as Power Magazine and Orlando Voyager for our outstanding service and contributions to the cleaning industry. Additionally, we are certified in MWBE (Minority Women's Business Enterprise), reflecting our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the business community. These accolades reflect our dedication to providing top-quality cleaning solutions and our ongoing pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our business.

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